We should all prepare for IAS once.

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    There are few moments or experiences in a lifetime that really triggers an ideological turbulence inside, that canvases a ‘WORLD VIEW’ onto our Minds. The Civil Services exam covers and entails both these aspects. It should be looked in that way, if it is not. One unknowingly develops a sense of one’s discretion, ie, what is right and what is wrong in a larger perspective, from a viewpoint of a community, of a society, of a Nation and eventually of the whole World. It is the only competitive exam where upgradation of knowledge is required on a regular basis. Nothing else throws up that kind of a challenge.

    The fluctuating nature of nation’s Economy, ideological stance, international relations, Geography(As in case of Telangana), demographics, cultural ups and downs, and sometimes even the constitution via the amendments it goes through, all of this is covered under the preparation of Civil Services Exam which provides it the dynamic character it has. To keep up with the pace one needs to rise to the challenge of this dynamism that makes the preparation more enticing and fulfilling.

    The social structure of the Nation will unwinds in front of you. The malice, the anomalies, the undeveloped infrastructure, deep rooted poverty will literally shake you up. The whole package of social schemes trying to water down the poverty levels, succeeding at some level but largely failing, will gather your attention, giving an idea about the core of India.

    Almost untouched and unnoticed ‘Post Independence History’ of India will get your indulgence. The history about how the Political wagon socialism and secularism that was imposed upon our constitution, trampled the economy of India and started an era of appeasement that till today is feeding the communal hatred. The history of the revival of Indian Economy in 1991 by the hands of Mr Manmohan Singh, the same hands through which he choked the whole country when he became the Prime Minister.

    Going through this sinusoidal waveform of our history will test your discretion and ripe it up. Question like ‘Why we are today the way we are today’ will make you sit and think. The history will enrich you with the ideals on which our Nation was united by Sardar Patel and on which our constitution was laid. This knowledge base will give an understanding of today’s India that will be more rational and dispassionate.

    The grandeur, grace and power behind the Civil services will always grab your attention. But more than that, the intention behind the preparation should be to take the spirit of working ‘FOR THE PEOPLE’ into the corridors of bureaucracy. The competitive nature of paper is such that out of 1000 aspirants only 5 make it eventually. But it’s not about the result; it’s about the unique journey. The WORLD VIEW it gives will never leave you and this WORLD VIEW will execute a good deed from your own hands before saying a final goodbye. I firmly believe that. JAI HIND.



    At Sapiens IAS exam training institute, PRADIP KUMAR SARKAR has been teaching anthropology for a decade. He, himself appeared in UPSC exam with anthropology optional, perhaps he secured one of the highest scores in anthropology optional in his time, he faced IAS interviews. Under his aegis, hundreds of students became IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS etc. Pradip Kumar Sarkar at sapiens IAS has persistently pursuing the following things.

    Complete coverage of the syllabus in a time bond manner.
    Framework based learning for presentation in the exam –an innovative learning technique, greatly useful for 3Fs i.e. Factual learning, Frame working or structuring, and Flow in presentation of facts.
    Meticulously designed, well organized and highly processed study materials enough for 300+ marks in anthropology.
    Students are provided with maximum examples, case studies, and current related data for value edition.
    Regular evaluation of student’s performance through mandatory class tests and test series.
    Personal attention and feedback.
    Making biological part simpler, interesting, and thereby easy to grasp.
    Completely digital class hence no class be missed.
    Thus, Sapiens IAS under the aegis of Mr. Pradip Kumar Sarkar has produced hundreds of IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc. in last 10 years with top ranking in anthropology.

    UPSC Anthropology Optional

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