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    Will applying for Prelims, but not appearing be counted as an attempt?



    @anushka: No if you just applied, and did not attempt Prelims, then it will not be counted as an attempt in UPSC Civil Services Exam.

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    Never look upon number of attempts. remember, those who have will and ability can clear IAS in first attempt.
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    You are here:HomeUPSC Anthropology Optional
    Anthropology is a social science not a biological science like history, Sociology, Economics & Political science which is one of the popular optional subjects in UPSC/IAS/PSC exam.

    Anthropology is the study of man in totality including studying all kinds of societies and culture such as tribal and modern societies-their socio-culture institutions viz. marriage, family, kinship, economic institution, political system and belief pattern such as religion and magic. Anthropology also deals with prehistoric and modern societies i.e. socio-cultural evolution. Apart from these, Anthropology studies man as a creature i.e. studying origin and evolution of man and their physical variations from place to place. Thus, the syllabus of anthropology optional has been well maintaining the tradition i.e. holism. Whereas, other social sciences deal with man in a peace meal manner e.g. history studies past event of man, sociology deals with social structure of man not biological aspect of man at all, while economics & political science dealing with economic and political institution respectively.

    Thus anthropology is a holistic study of man i.e. studying man in totality where as other social science studying man in an atomistic manner in dealing with man in part manner.

    As far as anthropology syllabus in UPSC/PCS is considered the 1st paper deals with world anthropology i.e. socio cultural and biological evolution and variations across the world. While the 2nd paper is associated with Indian anthropology i.e. socio-cultural and biological evolution and variations of mankind to be studied in the Indian context.
    Thus, the syllabus is well intended to consistently pursue the tradition of anthropology i.e. holism.

    1 .Anthropology is an optional which could be opted by students with any educational background such as students with arts, commerce, science and professional background including doctors, engineers, MBA, MCA, Biotech etc. It does not need specialization.

    2. Familiar and interesting contents: one has to study institutions like marriage, family, kinship, economic institution, political system, religion and magic which is part and parcel of human beings. Moreover, one has to study tribal people, human origin and diversity. Therefore, things are familiar and interesting due to which the subject is easy to learn and understand.

    3. Shorter syllabus– complete coverage of the syllabus in an exam oriented manner can be done in a span of 3 months that also 5 days/week. So one can save time and invest more time in G.S and essay.

    4. Subject matters mainly traditional and static in nature so one should not be after news paper, magazines or current affairs which are time consuming and troublesome affairs.

    5. Straight forward questions in the exam -the biggest advantage: Answers can be prepared beforehand which can be memorized, revised and practiced several times before the exam. and thereby one can reproduce answers directly in the exam. It enhances speed of presentation, improves quality of answers and after all one could attempt all the questions within the constraints of time.

    6. Spin off benefits– anthropology has many benefits in G.S (culture, polity and governance, science and technology, social issues and ethics) and in easy as well.

    Thus, anthropology is highly scoring and an optional of certainty. It means if one is bestowed with reliable guidance and working hard intelligently, one is sure to score extraordinarily i.e. 300+. These advantages are not found with other optional such as Public administration, geography, sociology, history and philosophy. Consequently, one could expect to secure IAS/IPS with certainty.

    UPSC Anthropology Optional

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