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    A request to Vision IAS weekend classroom students, please share your reviews about Vision’s GS mains weekend classroom program and the faculties teaching there.

    As a teacher, please share your feedback about him.

    Who are the faculties involved there? What subjects they take and what’s your feedback about them?

    I want to join weekend batch urgently because I am working student, please give suggestion as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi in addition to Vision test series also do attend Mr.Sandeep Gupta’s workshop on Sep 6. He is also conducting free 100 hrs coaching for Mains exam 2015.

    So don’t miss this opportunity to have an edge. He is a phenomenal teacher. Not an exaggeration. Look at the feedback of his students.

    I came to know about him when Ira Singhal(AIR 1,CSE 2014) recommended his coaching on her fb page. And I have registered for his free Workshop on Sep 6.

    For more details and registration :



    I also have same query…



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