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    Guys this is to inform you that I Named Srikanth was admitted in Asha Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

    They Gave me a treatment that I have suffered lots of tremors, seizures, emotional imbalance because of some Drugs so called medicines.

    1. Licab XL 400mg
    2. Olan.
    3. Olnapra.
    4, Valence.
    5. Desnila.

    and above all the Lithium Drug So called Licab Xl was continuously given to me which I realized was destroying my life instead of giving me a life.

    I Just want to say you that If want really to shut down that Hospital, I can create that destruction That I need.

    I am not Against anyone.

    Am happy right now.

    If you feel am against some one. Ten don’t take my complaint.

    And if you really want to provide any security for a common Man form So called Doctors which I believed The GOD.

    They just Ruined My life, of precious life.

    Please accept this as an Information and start The process of cleaning the society.

    thank you.


    I cant attach any file to this because I don’t have any proof left with me in house to prove.
    Because I am in the House alone.
    I have nobody to speak.
    i just Have this internet facility.

    So please solve my problems.

    at least If you want to become an IAS officer jut take it as a warm up assignment.

    I am Not going to give anymore answers guys.

    But I have my resume to show it to you to put in front of that how I sufferd due to half knowledge people so called doctors and parents in my life.

    I dont need any Job.

    I just need my LIFE back which was continuously suffered emotional rape from Doctors, Parents.

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