Is it possible to prepare for UPSC exams while I am in job? If yes, then how can

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    It is my final year of B.A, I have decided to prepare for UPSC exams and I have a job offer from a well reputed company now and immediately after my collage I will ask to join the company. But UPSC needs lots of preparation. I want to know whether I will be able to prepare for IAS when I am in a job.



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    Yes, sure you can prepare for the IAS exam while working. You just enroll for the IAS in any good coaching institutes which provides you regularity in the study.
    For the IAS preparation, you need to give sufficient amount of time and follow disciplined routine. The one who succeed in these examinations, give their entire time for its preparation
    Some of the few tips to crack IAS Exam while doing job or any further studies.
    Tips to crack IAS Exam
    1. If you are in job, then don’t leave the job; it’s a blessing in disguise.
    2. Make use of all the possible time at hand.
    3. Study according to the pattern of exam and be selective
    4. Develop a routine and abide by it.
    5. Do regular study.
    6. Choose subjects carefully.
    7. Stay update with General Knowledge.
    8. Prepare personal notes.
    9. Sample test papers previous year question paper.
    10.Have a will to do it.



    Firstly build your basic concepts in History, Polity, Geography, Basic Economics, General Science ( Class 10 level ). You can refer to NCERT Textbooks or TMH General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary exam
    Initially focus more on facts as mainly you get factual questions in Preliminary exam of CSE.
    For CSAT Paper, you can prepare from any MBA Entrance books. Questions in CSAT paper are easy as compared to questions of any MBA entrance exam.
    Then after getting some understanding of these topics, you can join some Online coaching institute (weekend batch) or if you want you can prepare on your own as well.
    For Main exam of CSE, you should get a thorough understanding of Polity, History, Geography and Indian Economy.
    Read newspaper daily -The Hindu & Indian Express are good. If due to your job you cannot read newspaper daily then you can refer to monthly magazines like PD, CSR etc.
    One magazine Yojana is very necessary. You should read it every month.
    Start Preparing. Best of Luck!



    Yes you can!!!
    Many of sivil servent have cracked upsc while doing job.



    This question is very common to ask when we are talking about IAS services. But if you want to do preparation for IAS Exam, the best strategy is to focus on preparation. If you are thinking to resign from your current job then in opinion you are doing wrong. There is no need to resign from job you just need mental strength.

    It is observed from the study that working professionals are less stressed as compared to students as professionals have the option to fall back. . Stress is the major barrier in Success in the preparation in the Mains, Prelims and Interview.

    Many people have cleared IAS Exam without quitting their job. SO no need to quit job, just try to join weekend batches or evening classes in some reputed institutes like ChanakyaIASAcademy , rau’s ias , sriram coaching etc



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    hello ias aspirant, yes it is possible to prepare for upsc while working… many of the topper have cracked ias exam while working…
    i have all study material list and book in pdf and many more suggestions..
    if u need u can contact on my whatsapp number 9199903148..
    thank u.



    You can join an institute while working on weekend batches… so that you can manage studies and job as well.!



    Yes you can prepare for IAS while working by joining weekend batches or online coaching. Even i am working and i didnt have time for classroom coaching. So i joined online coaching. The coaching which i joined is Pragnya IAS institute situated in Bangalore. They provide offline as well as online coaching. .. .The institute provides live streaming of classes in virtual environament where you can also ask questions on real time basis through video conferencing. They also provide recorded lectures in case you could not attend the virtual class. They also conduct online tests and also provide updated printed material.
    The faculty is very student friendly and also have commendable knowledge of the subject. They also have a library facility where even books are provided for students. The tests are similar to UPSC pattern..
    Below you can find the links:



    This coaching have quite adopted to the new changes in the upsc pattern …and the classroom strength is not very large which will help in gaining individual attention…Pragnya ias in recent years has shown good quality in teaching with good teachers.
    Even I have taken my coaching in the Pragnya IAS institute. . I was able to clear mains twice in 2013 and 2014 CSE but unfortunately got stuck in interview . Even they gave me knack to write answers which is the most crucial part of the exam.



    The unacademy channel in the youtube has a plenty of quality lectures for UPSC IAS Aspirants which you cna watch anytime for free. You can even refer the blog post How to prepare for UPSC IAS online from Home by and even you can download the hindu newspaper free pdf from there.







    hello ias aspirant, yes it is possible to prepare for upsc while working… many of the topper have cracked ias exam while working…
    i have al


    IAS Rajiv shukla


    Yes, this is possible if you regularly dedicate a specific time for your preparation. See the below tips which can help you to prepare for IAS exam.

    IAS Preparation Tip #1 – Work Smart Not Just Hard
    IAS Preparation Tip #2 – Try Single-tasking it’s more efficient than Multi-tasking
    IAS Preparation Tip #3 – Adopt the Just in Time Approach
    IAS Preparation Tip #4 – Test Yourself Constantly
    IAS Preparation Tip #5 – Make Micro Notes
    IAS Preparation Tip #6 – Read Only What’s Absolutely Essential
    IAS Preparation Tip #6 – Gives some IAS preparation tests.

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