how to Starting study for IAS pre exam

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    Please suggest for starting IAS pre examination preparation…


    Rupali Sharma

    Before starting preparation of IAS exam, you need to understand the concept of the exam, why do you want to take it and what is the syllabus for this.

    If you just want to take IAS exam because your friends are taking this or relatives are asking you to do it, you should immediately drop the idea. If you are clear with the goal behind trying this one of the most difficult exams in the country, you should get the details of syllabus.

    There are various topics, subjects and books you need to cover to perform well in the exam. If you are completely unaware about the examination process and the books, it will be better to take admission in a reputed coaching center like Vajiram and Ravi. The teachers there will guide you at every step to ensure that you gain maximum knowledge from the books, magazines, newspapers and notes provided by the institute.



    hi sir/ma’am

    i am a teacher by profession and recently i have decided to prepare for civil services..i was always a below average student in my school years and in college i lost my path towards my career of being a lawyer.Becoming a teacher was never my first choice but as i entered this profession i came to realise of my interest in subjects related to, no i have decided to start studying for CSE. i need some motivation from someone that i can do it because i am not getting any support from my family.They all think that because i was always been an average in studies so thinking of preparing these exams would be like a walk on moon for me.i cant join any coaching institute as my parents dont trust me and even if i ask them to efford my coaching they are gonna think that i m mearly wasting their money and time.I dont know if this decision of mine is right or not because i am already 27 years old and evrybody around me expects me to do job.

    Kindly motivate me to go for it so that i can start preparing for it.

    Thank you.



    I am preparing for UPSC myself. I would suggest the following things to you.

    1) Start reading newspapers. Not newspapers like Times of India(I would suggest that the first thing you do is throw out that newspaper), but papers like The Hindu and The Indian Express. They are very good and I would suggest you read them religiously.
    2) Start reading NCERTS. These are basic textbooks which will give you the gist of the subject and then you can go deeper and deeper into that subject. For example, for history, you should start reading India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma, then Medieval India by Satish Chandra and then India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra. Then you can read textbooks which go deeper in the subject.
    3)As you read the newspapers, make notes of important events. I have made 8 divisions, namely, International Relations(Middle East and Asia), International Relations(Americas and remaining world), Government Policies and schemes, Personalities and Awards and Sports, International Organisations, Social Issues, Economic Policies, Defence. I classify all news in these categories. These will help as a ready reckoner while you are revising for the general studies syllabus.
    4) Don’t restrict your reading to only books. Read sites like Quora. They will provide you with knowledge which can’t be gained by reading books.
    5) Make use of the Internet. Watch documentaries like BBC’s Days that shook the World which will increase your knowledge base. Keep in mind that they tend to be a bit biased though.
    6) Visit the websites of government ministries whenever a new bill is introduced. It will help you see the government point of view on the bill.
    7) Read at least 4 of the following magazines: Frontline, Civil Services Chronicle, Economic and Political Weekly, India Today, The Economist, Yojana, Kurukshetra.
    8) Whenever any current issue comes up, look up all the details on the internet, including the history of the issue in question.
    9) Decide your optional fast and then look online for the recommended reading list for that optional.

    You will also check the IAS Preparation tips.



    At Sapiens IAS exam training institute, PRADIP KUMAR SARKAR has been teaching anthropology for a decade. He, himself appeared in UPSC exam with anthropology optional, perhaps he secured one of the highest scores in anthropology optional in his time, he faced IAS interviews.

    How to prepare for IAS 2017


    Prabha Bhat

    Civil Services aspirants, when they start their IAS preparation are generally confused. They are not very sure about how to start the preparation and what to study. They have several questions in their mind regarding eligibility for the exam, exam dates etc. Many are confused whether they should join a coaching institute or not.

    No matter whether you are a beginner in the area of UPSC Civil Services exam preparation or are preparing since months, it is very important to first have the idea about what the exam demands for achieving success.
    • Know the competition in UPSC Civil Services Exam
    • More than 10 lakh students register in a year
    • Around 4.5 lakhs write the Prelims in a year
    • Around 15000 students clear the Prelims
    • About 3000 clear the Mains
    • Around 1000 aspirants in a year clear the interview

    In order to start Civil Services Exam preparation, it is not mandatory that you have to attend a coaching centre. However, good coaching-either offline or online can be of great help for getting right guidance.

    There are many coaching institutes like iLearn IAS Academy offering Civil Services coaching and Prelims Test series to help the aspirants to crack the exam easily. One can also self-study at their own comfort using UPSC preparation android apps. The best thing about studying with the app is there will be no space/time constraints. And moreover, this approach of self-study is mostly suitable for working professionals.

    I am a software engineer by profession and have a dream of clearing the Civil Services Exam. The biggest problem I face during my preparation is Time management. I tried several ways to manage time, but none of them helped me. While discussing my problem with my friend, I came to know about an android app, called iLearn IAS app. When I heard about it first, I thought it would be like thousands of other apps available in the market. Although, I wanted to give it a try. I was amazed after giving the free self-assessment test. The detailed performance analysis provided by the app was awesome. The feature that makes this app different from other apps is through this app, you can not only find in which subject you are weak, but you can know in which topic and sub-topic you need to study more.

    This feature helped me a lot. As I kept on studying the entire subject again and again without knowing in which area I need to focus more, I was not able to manage my time properly. The Intelligent knowledge Appraiser, a self-learning algorithm in the app let me know which topic in each subject I need to concentrate more so that I can crack the UPSC exam easily. I studied those topics and took a retest in the app. I was happy to see that my overall score improved a lot.

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