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    Google is one of the companies that best treats its customers and followers. Thanks to Google Flights we can already know the best price for our flight and today it brings very interesting news. He wants to make life easier by offering us vital information for our day to day life. Today he wants to surprise us with the possibility of notifying us of a flight delay. But this is not all because it will warn us before the company itself affected by this.

    How will Google Flights know this before the flight company?
    It’s very simple, with full monitoring of the flights that are in that moment and the routes . The big Internet company will have a complete record of all the airlines and their flights . In addition to succeeding on the Internet, he wants to enter the flight market in order to help everyone. It will use an algorithm based on automatic learning and artificial intelligence to obtain the information. And as I said earlier this will be registered by Google before the transport companies themselves.

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    Now yes, the delay will not be published in the search engine until the prediction does not have at least an 80% chance of being fulfilled. At that time travelers will be the safest at the airport but this will help you to manage your plans.

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    Google will also use historical data to predict whether a flight can suffer such delays. This means for example that if a flight has been delayed from Barcelona to Milan several times we will know. And it may happen again in the future so Google will notify us. These records plus artificial intelligence is Google’s trust bet for this.

    In order to check if the flight is delayed, you can search with just the name of the airline. We can also access this information looking for the name of the flight or the route of it . In the event that the flight is delayed, Google Flights will include the causes and time of the delay .

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    More information about the companies “Low Cost”
    Another feature announced by Google is focused on throwing information on low cost flights . We all know that these companies do not let you choose a seat and they usually force you to carry a maximum of luggage . When you do not meet this requirement is when you have to pay more for bulk . This is where the price of a cheap flight is offset compared to a traditional flight .

    Google Flights will inform you about these aspects that we normally do not consider and that end up raising the price. It will also include the restrictions of each airline as the maximum luggage for example.

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    Each time Google does more to satisfy all its users and this does not seem to change. The large Internet wants to position itself as the most influential company in the world and one of the best in history. With a big ” fanbase ” it seems that he is destined to these plans and does not want to change the course. Hopefully it will continue to bring great applications like this one that can save us more than once . Very good work Google !

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